Sunday, 27 June 2010

A Corker!

Today,  I thought that I'd share something that's sadly not my own work It's  from the Craftynest website and I want to make not one but two of these lovelies to replace the bleach stained rugs in our bathroom and ensuite.

But the problem is that they will each take 175 corks.  Now I will happily rise to the challenge and drink wine for the sake of my art.  However, most bottles these days have those faux plastic corks or screw tops.  So even though I'm trying my best I've only amassed about 12 of the real article.

So here's a plea to those of you who secretly read this and know me personally.  Treat yourself to expensive French wines which are more likely to use real corks and save them for me!  I'm also bidding on used corks on Ebay and am racking my brains to come up with a source that will give me a supply of  enough of the raw materials to make my beautiful mats that I will, of course, share in a later post!

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