Thursday, 10 June 2010

Free Flowers

Last week, after a leisurely lunch  the Lovelygrey family took a stroll along the Breton coastpath from  our motorhome  through the Grignallou woods to an old deserted watermill where Mr Lovelygrey slipped on slime and stlll sports a impressively bruised bum.

But on this otherwise idyllic trip we all enjoyed  picking wild flowers and grasses along which were then displayed on our return in one of the wonderful ceramic pots that the yoghurt on the ferry comes in.  Louis was particularly impressed with the grasses with the big fluffy heads that he nicknamed 'Mr Softies and some of these have returned to the UK with us to see if we can extract the seeds and grow our own.

It occured to me that we could create an everlasting  year round dynamic display of flowers and foliage by picking out dying specimens and adding new replacements.  However Mr Lovelygrey's hayfever put pay to the idea in the van.  In hindsight, sleeping within five feet of extremely polleny blooms isn't particularly clever.

But it may be something I'll try again now home,  where there's a bit more space to keep sensitive noses and allergens apart.  And the yoghurt pots are going to be reused to house an indoor herb garden on the kitchen windowsill.

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