Wednesday, 25 August 2010

The Gallery

After completing my own piratey makeover in Louis' room I was pleased to visit one of the residential homes in my area which had also undergone its own transformation.  Their forward thinking owners have invested money to create a wonderfully bright and airy activity room and with the support of their wonderfully enthusiastic and commited manager have employed an  arty activity coordinator to facilitate what goes on in there.  It's a busy environment with its own kitchen facilities. a PC with a large touch screen and digital photography equipment and of course lots of arts and crafts materials.  Even though it's quite a new resource there's lots of evidence of productive activity already in evidence.  Wonderful mosaic tray, lots of needlework projects in progress and displays of reminiscence work.  Here's a gallery of finished watercolour paintings.

Not bad at all considering that most of the artists have picked up a paint brush for years.  The quality of this work is even more surprisingly when you consider that they are suffering from dementia that is severe enough to warrant a life in residential care.  Just another timely reminder for an occupational therapist, armed with fancy models that are supposed to predict what people might be able to achieve, that sometimes our expectations can be vastly under ambitious!

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