Tuesday, 8 June 2010


I've had an idea hanging around in my head ever since I heard two authors, Ros Badger and Elspeth Thompson speak about their book at Dartington Hall's 'Ways with Words' last year.  In the main, Homemade: Gorgeous Things to Make with Love wasn't for me.  A lot of the things in it were quite twee and a bit too Cath Kidston-esque.  It was also a funny mix of craft and cookery tips although I do realise that this may be a serious case of someone calling the kettle black.

However I did like their idea of making cards from photos of words picked out in stones.  So Louis and I gathered some assorted treasures on our very own Breton beach and had a few goes writing with pebbles, shells and bits of sea glass.  Some  attempts were more successful than others. As you can see from these examples  there may well be lessons to learn about the importance of contrast and choosing an unfussy background when we do this again on our next beach trip.  But our messages weren't all indecipherable and a couple of the designs had the potential to be turned into our very own greetings.

  Now back home, I've used the best part of a rainy afternoon trying to work out how to turn a piece of A4 photo paper into a landscape format card using Word. After several attempts where writing appeared upside on some of my pages this is how I finally suceeded.
  • Page 1: Pressed the return key until I had produced an entire blank page
  • Page 2: Added a greeting using the right sized text and aethestically pleasing font.  Again lots of return key abuse to centre the text
  • Page 3: Inserted my picture rotated by 180 degrees (i.e. upside down).
  • Page 4:  Added a small logo as a footer for the back of my card
 I then set my printer on duplex printing on a two sheets to a page setting in landscape format.  Halfway through printing my two sided document,  I  followed the on-screen instructions to insert  the paper print side up but against advice, turned the paper around.

Of course, your printer may be different but I urge you to play with bits of normal A4 paper until your card comes out in the desired format.  Then like me you can say 'Eat your heart out Moonpig!'

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