Saturday, 19 June 2010

Lighthouse Lamp

This blog is 100 posts old today! I thought that when I got this far  I'd reflect on my progress. But I'm always a bit bored when  papers review  the year and wondered whether others feel that way too. So instead I bring you...ta da....the Lighthouse Lamp!

You may recall that this was featured in an earlier post . Its been a major source of hiccups that Mr Lovelygrey has tut-tutted his way through because of the high bodging component. The problem, as he has repeatedly told me,  is that I didn't plan properly.

Although it looks quite acceptable in this picture the lighthouse started off as a shabby money box that I found for 99p in a charity shop.  After chopping it in two and removing the small dowels and string I started to mosaic it enthusiastically before working out the logistics of modifications to take the electrical fittings and how I'd fit a low-energy bulb into something that resembled the top of the lighthouse.   So bits of tile fell off during drilling and its been very much trial and error finding the case for the bulb.  Finally I've settled on an antipasto jar!  Lastly,  I had to wire a bulb, something I haven't done since my Girl Guide days for something like my handyperson badge.

So now that's done and dusted. On another note here's the finished bangle from Sunday's Mini Church of Craft just in case that any non-believers out there who think that I never complete anything!

PS:  Thanks to Naomi, Paul and Melanie my trusty followers and to Mama Lovelygrey for all her makes. I know she reads me too.  And if there are others out there following secretly, don't be shy - come forward so I know who you are!

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