Friday, 25 June 2010

Little Squirts

'I've got an idea for your blog' said Mr Lovelygrey. However, funnily enough I'd already thought of this myself and taken the picture to illustrate this handy tip.  But I was wondering whether the topic was too mundane so had put this post on the back burner.  However my friend Kath, who came on our Bath trip thought it was a nifty idea too, so I'm finally convinced about sharing it.

These days, if you watch a cookery programme which involves chefs at at work somewhere in a highly regarded Michelin starred restaurant kitchen, they are often brandishing squeezy bottles filled with dressings, oils, sauces etc.  No doubt these are purchased at high cost from a specialist kitchen supplier but we've made our own free versions from own ketchup and sauce containers.  Granted, ours are only used for cooking oils but they are brilliant for easily measuring a small amount in the pan at one go.  They're also easier to carry about than full sized bottles in the limited space in the motorhome.

So,  slurp down your ketchup, wash up that container and give this a go.  It might not make you into  Heston Blumenthal but if you take gastronomic ambition a little further than we do you might have some fun making colourful swirly patterns around your puddings with the fruity sauce that you've rustled up!

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