Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Longest Lasting Toy Ever!

 Today I may be giving Social Services yet more evidence of my bad parenting as I admit to getting rid of Louis' toys without him knowing!  I am the queen of decluttering.  If something hasn't been used it gets thrown away or is, ideally, recycled.  Once or twice I've come unstuck.  Into the bin went metal  mystery object that I found in the glove box of my car.  Six months later, when the mechanic couldn't remove my alloy wheel I found out it actually had a use after all.

So, quite frequently especially at Birthday and Christmas time I take a long hard look in the toy cupboards and bookshelves to see what can be secretly squirrelled out of the house.  Colleagues with younger kids have first dibs and then the rest goes to the charity shop.  This would not be happening if I had the discussion with Louis about whether he wanted to keep toys.  He'd undoubtedly say 'yes' which isn't the right answer!  Most of the time my actions go undetected but there are rare instances where Louis asks where a particular item has gone.  I'm then honest and upfront and he's normally quite satisfied with the fact that it's been taken for younger children to play with.  On odd occasions a bit of bartering goes on but he's happy to accept, say, Top Trump or football cards in exchange for the old items. 

But these stacking cups have stood the test of time.  Granted, they're not up there in terms of current favourites like his DS-Lite or bike but they're still regularly played with.  They were bought when he was a baby and  they are still regularly used in the bath for mixing lotions and potions and yes, sometimes, he still makes a tower or telescope.

But here's the rub.  Louis' most loved possession goes back into history.  It isn't Big Bear with the 'kind eyes' who is chief comforter and protector if he's had a nightmare.  No, it's the not so natty looking scarf that this handsome animal is wearing in this shot, a muslin from his baby days  that is still essential at bedtime.

 'Clothie is very precious to me, Mummy', says Louis.  And who am I to argue.  Thank goodness, there are three spares!

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