Sunday, 13 June 2010

Mini Church of Craft: Volume 2

Naomi, pictured hard at work in my kitchen this morning, kindly volunteered at our monthly crafting get together to show us how to produce a herringbone pattern around a bead. This looks terribly complicated but is much more of a doddle than the completed design suggests. Having said that, some practice is needed to perfect the technique and keep the pattern uniform.  Also we learned that when a grey haired forty something cuts a piece of wire from a reel she can inexplicably produce an impressively knotty abstract piece of macrame in the space of seconds (Sorry again Naomi!!!)

And this is our work.  In the space of an hour the 'expert' completed both the earrings and bracelet and Melanie made the pendant in superfast time too.  It may come as no surprise to my 'regulars' that  the unfinished piece is mine, but I have since turned it into a bangle.

After our own crafty efforts we went to see how the experts do things at the Contemporary Craft Fair at Bovey Tracey.  This very high quality event includes inspirational work by people whose skill levels are breathtaking.  Alas, my meagre budget didn't extend to buying any of the pieces I really coveted but I enjoyed the window shopping and gleaned some lovely ideas for future projects.  Louis came with us, and enjoyed the candle dipping, the Punch and Judy show and trying his hand at weaving.   And now here ends a very succesful craft filled day for all ages!

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