Saturday, 12 June 2010

One a Month

No this is not my personal target for fruit and vegetable consumption.  I love a banana as much as the next man, woman or monkey!  The title of this post refers to one of the strategies I use for keeping my own 'black dog' at bay. Google 'Churchill' and the aforementioned canine creature if you're not sure what I mean and never let it be said that this post is not highly educative!

Of course my beloved Citalopram plays a role and let me tell you that any GP that tries to take these wondereful pills away too soon will be fought on the beaches or wherever else they might fancy a ruck.  But as a responsible adult I'm firmly of the belief that I have to actively manage my own health and because I am an occupational therapist my thoughts naturally turn to activity, happily of the nice variety.

I got the idea of producing my own pleasurable events schedule from the Wellness Recovery Action Plans (WRAPs)  that are becoming more and more of a feature of mental health self management.  In fact, at work, they're in the arsenal of things that I encourage people on my caseload to use. One of the nice things I'm trying to do is to plan special at least once a month.   So in March there was my lovely mosaic course at High Heathercombe  and May's treat was a hotel stay in Bristol with friends over the first bank holiday.  And to look forward to there's the family's first ever festival visit to Chagstock in July and an autumn break in the motorhome in Brittany (again!!) in October.  The event itself and planning for it is certainly, for me, the mental Sanatogen that it's supposed to be.

Anyway, this month's event was a trip to GoApe in Haldon Forest with fellow occupational therapists, Kay and Melanie, who were my partners in crime when at college together. The experience is described as an obstacle course in the trees and combines ladders and walkways  that often demanded a certain amount of courage to tackle with wonderfully fun zip slides at the end of each challenge stage. 

This picture, dark that as it is (but all the better to hide my fat bits!) represents my greatest moment of fear; swinging Tarzan-like from a platform into a great big cargo net!  This was almost the finale of a great day out which left us tired and exhilirated.  Not something I want to repeat on a regular basis but certainly an activity that I'd like to try again in the future, maybe when Louis is ten and old enough to participate.

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