Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Pockets of Filth

I hope that this post won't make everyone think that I'm due a visit from Aggie and Kim complete with petri dishes and fluffy rubber gloves.  The ultra-clean among you might view me as a slattern after reading this but hey, as a working mum I don't think I'm alone.  And at least I'm contrite.

I like my house to be clean and tidy BUT.... every so often I come across a pocket of filth where I've neglected to clean often enough.  The cupboard where I keep my oils and sauces used to be one.  I think the bottles have nightly parties  because even though they're put away apparently clean, within a short space of time there's goo all over the unit bottom.  It's as if they've been fountaining their contents with delight overnight.

Now if a pocket of filth is ignored the gloop situation can get out of control but I've devised a plan that's slowly reducing the incidences between finding them.  If I've found a particularly mucky area that I've previously overlooked I schedule it into my  electronic 'To Do' List so that cleaning is considered on a regular basis.  In the case of the 'party cupboard' this is monthly.

To prove a point I found another neglected area of the house today that needs more regular attention.  The airing cupboard, although not dirty as such, is dreadfully untidy and a far cry from the pictures of cupboard contents that are shown in aspirational catalogues.  So keeping this in order is going on as a monthly task too.

Isn't this awfully hard work?  Not really because jobs tackled regularly stay manageable.  Sometimes I approach a scheduled task and there's very little to do.  Somehow things keep themselves cleaner on their own!   I reckon a quick wipe down or tidy up on a regular basis  ultimately saves time in dealing with ingrained dirt or grossly built up clutter.  And with regular checks at the backs of cupboard I'm also more aware of their contents.  This means I regularly  get rid of things that are nver going to be used again and am less likely to buy duplicates of things we've already got!

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