Monday, 21 June 2010

Poshing up the Shabby Chic

As my lighthouse project has come to an end my mind is turning to another mosaic adventure.  I have my eye on the rather ugly and dilapidated chest of drawers in the spare room and am thinking of poshing it up by painting it and adding tiles to the top.  Not a small project I realise but one that, when finished, will potentially produce an heirloom piece of furniture provided it doesn't fall apart under the extra weight of the mosaic tiles.

I've turned to my bookmarks on my laptop for inspiration and have been looking in the fabric section.  'Dill Blossom' is a textile  that I've fallen in love with but haven't been successful in sourcing enough  to send to Mama Lovelygrey to make the long fishtail skirt that I'd like.   But I wonder whether all those round shapes and fine lines will stretch me beyond my current mosaicing expertise level.  So,  I'm showing uncharacteristic restraint and have therefore decided against this as a design source. 

But now I've come across a design, that with some modification may be do-able.  I'm not sure about the colour scheme but that's easy enough to change,  In any case I'm determined not to buy any more mosaic tiles and only use up my existing stock. So,  I'll  be constrained by what I already have and thankfully there's not enough dark brown!  The little twigs with berries could present a challenge that's a step too far so they may need to be omitted.

So lots to consider and ideas continue to roll around in my head.  This is certainly not a quick and dirty project so it's one where I'll undoubtedly be providing progress updates over the next few months.

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