Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Sick Pit

Even though no body parts are falling off me (see Poorly, my post last week), I stayed at home today as Mr Lovelygrey told me to.  'You can't go to work like that.' he commented, as he watched me writhe around mid-stomach spasm and reluctantly I agreed.

It seems likely that the excesses of our French holiday, too much bread, wine and meat, have triggered a old problem, my now rare irritable bowel syndrome.  So, whilst I wait for the symptoms to subside I've turned the spare room into my sick pit with books and my laptop. Even the odd piece of crafting material has made it in here as I'm trying to perfect an even plait using leather thongs (the bits of string, not the uncomfortable pants!).

As you can see I'm perfectly prepared to ride it out. I'm near the loo and have a teamaker (Mr Lovelygrey) on hand.  So hoping I'll be my normal self soon and whilst I'm waiting, at least I can be productive between dozes.

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