Sunday, 6 June 2010

Sssssh - Secret Site!!!!!

Back from one of our quarterly trips to Brittany!  We normally spend a one or two days at each aire de camping car (see my previous post) and I thought that maybe I  was going to share three or four new favourites.  But things don't always go according to plan.

'Uh oh!'  I can imagine those of you who view life with a glass half empty are thinking.  Whatever happened to the ever so slightly accident prone grey girl this time?  But fear not!  We did not spend our week parked up in the grounds of a hospital due to personal injury or on a garage forecourt because of mechanical breakdown of our lovely but ageing motorhome.  Instead, we found somewhere so spectacularly lovely that we did not need to move for an unprecedented five days (except for one trip into town to deal with the porta potty).  And on all but the last night we had the place, with access to lots of lovely little beaches, to ourselves.

This is Ster Greich, an beautiful inlet with an little known aire, not widely publicised in the guidebooks. Mr Lovelygrey 'stumbled upon' it accidentally, and happily metaphorically,  on a jaunt out on his bike  from our previous favourite stopping place in Porzou, near the impressive walled town of Concarneau.  Cleverly he retained its coordinates in his GPS phone so he could locate it again and once there we didn't want to move.   Not surprisingly, Mr Lovelygrey wants to keep this spot to himself but as neither of my followers has a motorhome I don't think this post is going to result in a mad scram to take up the five allocated parking spaces.

So we've had a traditional beach holiday and I'll be sharing some of the things that we've been doing over the next few days.  But for the moment the laundry mountain calls........!

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