Monday, 28 June 2010

Thought for the Day: I don't like Monday's

Now why is it that,  though I enjoy my rewarding and challenging job, I don't want to go back to work after the weekend?  On the face on it, I'd have to partly agree with the lyrics of the  Boomtown Rats song from my teens but maybe not I wouldn't go so far as resorting to a shooting spree.  See Wiki if you're not sure why I'm talking like this and think I may have lost the plot.

But can I really think in such definitive terms?  I certainly don't hate all Mondays especially because on alternate week  it's my much valued day off and a time to catch up or potter about.   And even when I am working, not every waking minute of the day turns out to be as bad as I  expect when I drag myself out of bed.

Today, even though I had to fend off cat fleas in an infested house there were lots of good moments: a particularly delicious just perfectly ripe peach, finding a pack of corks for my bath mat project in a charity shop, a drive along the wonderfully scenic coastal route between Kingsbridge and Dartmouth and bottling the elderflower champagne that I started to brew last week.  And  my frequently mislaid watch turned up again!
Plenty of evidence to caution  against black and white thinking  and serve to remind me that anticipatory dread is a waste of emotional energy.  Things often really don't turn out as we expect.  Oh, except  yesterday's highly predictable loss against Germany in the World Cup!

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