Saturday, 26 June 2010

Top Tip for Hot Weather!

So, it's probably the hottest Saturday of the year so far so where does Lovelygrey take Louis?  The beach or swimming pool, maybe?  That is so stererotypical.  But for the slightly oddball Lovelygrey family skiing is just the thing!

Okay, so Plymouth dry ski slope  is not a year round glacial Alpine resort but it'll do nonetheless.  Louis is learning to ski in preparation for the biggest trip of his life to the States next January.  We brace ourselves for his first ever Trans-Atlantic flight and  join friends from Seattle on an overnight train to their ski lodge in Montana.  Then it's on to Yellowstone National Park to geyser gaze in the snow.  And today he was booked into a lesson to ready him before he gets to ski on real snow!

 In spite of the sticky artificial surface and the unconventional clobber he did well.  For the first time he skiied from the top of the slope, a formidable task even for someone who's skiied before.  But grade 5 eludes him until he gets out of the habit of manoeuvring down the hill whilst doing the splits. And whilst skiing when it's hot, hot, hot is a bit uncomfortable there is the advantage of being able to enjoy ice cream at the end of a lesson!

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