Thursday, 24 June 2010

Yet more Mama's Makes

Again I resort to Mama Lovelygrey's  creations as inspiration for a post.  She made these  last year  from fabric sourced on the Internet  using Simplicity pattern 2922  which is part of the Project Runway collection.  These seem to be designs with many more combinations than usually given with patterns. My hunch is that they might not be at the easy end of the dressmaking spectrum.

This tunic and dress number among my favourite clothes.  They are comfortable and stylish to wear for work and leisure and I nearly always get compliments when I wear them. One of the reasons for this is the ultra neat rows of top stitching around the yoke, which aren't clear from the photographs, but are certainly a lovely stunning detail.

And if you think the cherries are bold then take a look at this red-orange dress, just a longer version of the tunic. Both are great worn with leggings and certainly add colour to a grey day!

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