Sunday, 1 August 2010

Books for Children for Adults

Some things make me question whether Louis is my child. He is not a fan of Marmite whereas I could eat it daily.  He loves to dance in spite of having a parent with the coordination of a jellyfish. And he doesn't feel the cold whereas my feet turn into  mini icebergs by the middle of September and do not defrost until June.  However, there is  overwhelming  evidence that we are genetically linked.  His facial features are the spit of his long deceased Great Grandma Lovelygrey.  Like his mum he is loquacious and he is also is a big fan of the rhyming style of the great Dr. Seuss.

The Loraxis delightful but I don't recall reading as a child even though it was published in 1971.  Its theme is an environmental one that might have been revolutionary in its day.  Yet now, it is so contemporary that it is almost passe.  It's a cautionary tale that's beautifully crafted  which both parents and their children can enjoy at different levels.  And Mummy or Daddy, it might help you think about whether you want to buy the modern day equivalent of a sneed which absolutely no-one needs.

And here's another classic book  that presses different buttons for parents and children.   Not Now, Bernard is simply a good monster story as far as youngsters are concerned. Yet it can leave their elders racked with guilt.  We all know that, at times, we've all been dismissive of our children. Treat this as a cautionary tale of what can happen if you do this too often!

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