Sunday, 11 July 2010

Days Out in Devon: Mythic Garden

The Lovelygrey family are so lucky to live in such a beautiful area of the country and there's lots of really excellent touristy things to do her.  For example, there's the well publicized theme parks at Crealy Adventure Park  at Clyst St. Mary near Exeter and  Woodlands just outside Dartmouth that are not without their charm, the National Marine Aquarium in Plymouth and beautiful stately homes and gardens such as Castle Drogo and RHS's Rosemoor.  But I thought I'd draw your  attention to the less well known places to go.

Today we went to the  Mythic Garden at Stone Lane Gardens near Chagford.  Each year between May and October the national collection of birches and alders is augmented by sculptures by local artists.  It's a great place to wile away an afternoon for adults and children too.  This year there's 105 pieces on sale and their prices are shown in  a guide that you're given after you've paid the admission fee (£4.50 for adults and £2.50 for a child).   This gives you the option of taking part in the same game that the Royle family when they're all sitting on the sofa  watching the Antiques Roadshow.

So theoretically adults could enjoy the tranquil beauty of the place.  But that's not an easy task as  it's an exciting place for children who enjoy exploring the winding paths and finding the treasures on display.  There's some permanent features like a shed that was somewhere that I imagined could have doubled as a good home for the Unibomber, complete with aluminium saucepan and this eggy hideaway that both Louis and Mr Lovelygrey were both taken with.

I was tempted to show some of the pieces that I thought were truly awful but which illicited that 'how much!' reflex. But instead I thought that I'd keep my evil feelings to myself. So I'm being nice and instead showing a piece that I really liked.  This is 'Shoulder Stand' by  Tati Dennehy, a piece of stoneware that I'd be really pleased to own.  Alas it's outside my price range but it's brought my attention to an artist that I'll keep an eye on in the future just in case I get rich (quick)!

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