Thursday, 29 July 2010

Digital Decoupage

When you read this the Lovelygrey family will be on their way to catch the ferry to Roscoff. My laptop will remain at home and have a well earned rest, allowing its keys to recover from endless daily tapping. I don't contribute to my blog whilst on holiday, preferring to read, make needlepoint and mess about with my boys. But, as I've previously mentioned I aim to post on a daily basis and have so far succeeded in doing so. However I have to work hard in advance to schedule pieces in advance for each day that I'm away.

However, strange dysfunctional thinking has entered my mind. Surely a blog is a diary and it's against the rules to post in advance - isn't it? Then I start to feel guilty about presenting pre-prepared material. Aaaargh!

Contradictory thoughts along the lines of 'It's my blog and I can do what I blooming well want' weren't hitting the mustard until my sister in law gave me her opinion of what I was doing. 'So it's a scrapbook' she said, 'Not a diary.' 'Exactly' I replied, and my mind was instantly settled. I'll be back in person soon but in the meantime - Enjoy!

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