Saturday, 31 July 2010

Dying by Stealth

I've scheduled this post in the middle of my holiday in the hope that Mr Lovelygrey never sees it.  This is the true confession of the mischief that goes on when he makes a rare business trip away.  He'd be super grumpy if he knew what I was up to because it involves the washing machine and salt!

Now my arguments that the super scientists at Dylon would not allow a product onto the market that instantly wrecked a household appliance doesn't wear with Mr Lovelygrey.  In spite of the fact that I meticulously follow the packet instructions he is convinced that salt will get into all the crevices of the machine, silently but rapidly corrroding it and causing ruination.  But I've proved him wrong because I've been stealthily disobeying orders for years and nothing bad has happened yet.  As a result new life has been breathed into six year old George T-shirts and three year old Tchibo legging would have definitely passed their sell by date if they hadn't had their 'black rinse'.   And my favourite Fat Face Tunic has been refreshed too.

But I've had less success when I've dyed things a different colour to their original.  In my experience breathing a new lease of life by re-colouring a garment that I didn't like in the first place or which I've grown bored with hasn't worked the magic.  So take heed or a chance.  Investment of a few pounds  in a pack of  'Wash and Dye' might be money wasted or a wise gamble.  Unless you ruin your washing machine of course

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