Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Escaping Escargot

I'm finding that the act of blogging is helping me to try out things that I've been meaning to do for a long time. Writing daily posts is certainly keeping me on my toes! And by now I had planned for my 'garden snails as food' article to be done and dusted complete with photos of my spoils cooking slowly in a pan of garlic butter.  After all, the little blighters are in abundance when you don't want them around.  Their total desecration of our  kale crop in a single night last year is a prime example, although their shell-less chums, the slugs, may be equally to blame. 

But here's the rub.  I 'lovingly' prepared a bucket of snail food to lure them,  fresh greens and shavings of carrot.  This would have doubled as their diet whilst they were purged, the idea being that the snail might have ingested something nasty before being caught and this must be got rid of from its digestive system.  The carrot acts as a handy sign that this has happened as it turns their poo orange!

I found one snail and popped him/her into this mollusc heaven that I'd created, with the thought that he might be so impressed he'd invite his friends for a party.   I was going to secure a muslin over the top when they were all so blissed out on carrot that they wouldn't notice.  Then the plan was simply to wait a few days until they'd detoxed.  But it was clear by the next morning that 'Brian(a)' did not share my vision.  He/she'd disappeared and there's no been sight nor sound of him/her or his/her mates in the garden since.  Even my torchlight hunts at night have been in vain so maybe our dry weather of late has sent them all into hiding into a far off damp crevice miles away from where I live.

But I promise that once successful I will report back on the results of my snail gastronomy without a bowl of porridge in sight.  Unfortunately there will not be a 'restaurant review' from Mr Lovelygrey as he refuses to have anything to do with this particular experiment.  But Louis is up for it and I'm looking forward to his reaction to eating his first 'escargot'.  As he's partial to squid and mussels this may not be as extreme as might be expected from a seven year old but we'll probably have to wait for wetter weather to see.

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