Friday, 30 July 2010

Faux Enamel

Metal Clay is tricky stuff.  Firstly,  it's horrendously expensive for the silver type and prohibitively so for its gold counterpart.  There is an element of fear involved just in opening the packaging because of the cost implications of messing up.  It's also highly temperamental .  Just breathe the wrong way and it dries out instantly. And after trying to revive it with the most miniscule drop of water ever, the result often resembles the most expensive mud pack ever.
Up until now I've forgotten to show the first ever piece that I made, a pendant using the clay itself to which I added texture with a piece of cloth and the end of a paintbrush.  I then added further detail including the heart with the version of the clay that comes in a syringe.  Finally I used Fimo to create an enamelled effect.

I'm still perservering with using precious metal  for jewellery designs because, when mastered,  it is such versatile product. Its  capacity to retain textures easily seems unrivalled and often, pieces can be made in a fraction of the time of their silversmithed counterparts. The firing process is fun too.  Simply take a blow torch, the one in the kitchen used to put a crispy top on brulee will do, and then set fire to your bone dry creation.  Before your eyes something that looks like putty shrinks a little and  turns into pure silver.  This process fills me with joy and never fails in bringing our my inner alchemist!

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