Friday, 9 July 2010

Filthy Capitalism

The tactic of going to work wearing the new herringbone necklace that I made on Monday with a view to selling is was really sneaky.  So stealth-like in fact that I didn't realise it myself.  Anyway I've secured two commissions to make similar pieces for real money!

Out came my bead box and I realised I didn't have many of  the right shaped beads that I need to make the design.  You'd think 'round' is a pretty common bead-like shape but this is seemingly not so.   Consequently I've been out scouring the local bead stores, the Bead Room in Totnes and the larger Bead Solutions in Paignton for suitable materials. Maybe, not the cheapest way of sourcing raw materials but it supports local businesses and doesn't make a huge difference to cost.  One surprise though is that, when buying beads this way, the semi-precious ones haven't worked out any more expensive that their glass or acrylic counterparts.

Now my 'customers' have chosen the beads that are going to be incorporated into their own necklaces. But making my product is the easy part because I've got to think about the things that I've put off for so long like packaging and bookkeeping. After all, my back of the envelope calculations suggests that I am running at a loss at the moment which potentially means a worthwhile tax refund. Over the next month I'll make sure I update my blog with the boring parts of my craft business venture as well as recording the creative bits and pieces.

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