Thursday, 22 July 2010

Funky Flowers

I must be in my post festival psychodelic phase!  These funky flowers are inspired by the floral designs on the dresses that I used to wear as a young child in the early seventies.  A particularly garish orange and green version springs to mind that I wasn't keen on at the age of six. How  I'd love to get my hands on that fabric now!

Other people are making all sorts of complex designs using polymer clay formed into canes and then cut to give intricately patterned effects.  They are very clever. See Polymer Clay Daily for some examples of why Fimo is not only used for making animal fridge magnets.  As a relative novice I've kept it simple, just rolling out sheet using my pasta machine and using different sized flower shaped cutters.  Their curved shape was formed on a greased lightbulb, a piece of equipment that appeals to my inner Sid James.

To complete each flower before they were baked in the oven  I added my owned special 'tag' and a silver bar to turn them into a bead.  I'm pleased with the result but am suffering from 'jeweller's block' because I can't decided how to string them together.  This knotty problem has been one of the connundrums occupying my head for some time now.  When I finally reached my lightbulb moment, greased or otherwise, I'll share the results.

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