Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Leaving Do

Sadly, the locum, 'Consultant of 'Cool' is leaving our team on Friday so, in his honour, we had a bit of an ongoing buffet bash all day in the office today. The rapidly diminishing stash of cream cakes, savoury nibbles and crispy delights  could well account for the feelings of nausea and bloating of my stomach that came upon me by mid afternoon.  This lovely cake, made with good quality chocolate and laced with Tia Maria was rustled up by one of our support workers, Glam Gran and deserves a special mention. 

My own offering was a bit more 'umble.  I was only asked to make a contribution to the buffet yesterday and did not have time to shop. So I grabbed some Lidl goodies, including a box of 'All Butter Cheese Straws' from the pantry on the way out of the house this morning.  The more organised 'Snobby Friend' had been to Waitrose and brought in a few more carefully considered offerings.  These included cheese straws too so I decided to conduct a blind tasting on her.

'Oh these are definitely the Lidl ones' she said, screwing her nose up after a mouthful of Sample A.  But you've guessed it, she was wrong and the Crusti Croc brand emerged, to her horror as her clear favourite.  But, even so,  will she give up the sophisicated ambience of her local Waitrose for the stack it high discounter that offers cheaper prices and possibly food that she prefers.  I'll wait and see.

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