Friday, 6 August 2010

Let's See

There is an inner scientist in me - but in the traditional sense I'm not a very good one. Although I studied chemistry to degree level, hazardous materials and I do not constitute a recommended mix. This was recognised at A-Level by my wonderful teacher Mr Pearce, who, as he snuck out for a fag sensibly warned the rest of the class to 'Watch her!"

But, in a wider sense I love the idea of an experiment. A 'let's see' approach seems to be a healthy approach to life. If we expect a certain result we are likely to be disappointed when a good result is not obtained. If a less than satisfactory outcome is anticipated when we plan something with unknown consequences it can potentially stop us trying it out.

So I encourage this approach with people that I meet. 'See what happens if you do such and such' and 'Don't anticipate the outcome' are both versions of phrases that I use in therapy sessions. And I remind myself regularly of it in everyday life and it spurs me into action that I would not take if I approached projects from a more rigid mindset.

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