Friday, 2 July 2010

Mama's Woody Makes

Mama Lovelygrey does not only make clothes. When I was little she attended a woodwork adult education course. I recall her being miffed that the testoterone laden teacher gave his undivided atttention to the class 'Glam Puss' who rustled up a wardrobe whilst my mother struggled to complete her table top bookshelf. Still this experience hasn't put her off and she's the proud owner of a marvellous treadle saw (like the one here) that she uses to make cute toys. When I first beheld this beautiful piece of machinery I was covetous until I came to my senses and realised that I have no real need for one myself!

Here is some of her work, little vehicles made for Louis when he was younger including proper articulated lorries where the cab comes away from its load.   Although my Google research shows that Treadle Lathes exist Mama Lovelygrey certainly hasn't discovered one. It is perhaps for this reason that she buys in ready-made wheels to add to her creations (I've found these like the ones she uses.  However, the main bodies of the toys are all her own work, cut out by pedalling away at her lovely saw.

These days they're unfortunately played with a lot. But they're on display on the guest bedroom window sill for our younger visitors to play with. And even though Louis is just seven I'm starting to have fantasies about being a grandma one day. So maybe the next generation will get some play time from them a couple of decades from now.

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