Thursday, 1 July 2010

Objects of Desire

Every so often a piece of art or craftwork that bowls me over with its visual impact and artistry. Most of the time it is out of my price range, a sign of expensive taste and appreciation of pieces where the artist has taken a long time over their work and has to factor that into the cost. Unfortunately, on the southern edge of Dartmoor, money does not grow on trees and these must be quickly dispelled from memory. But on rare occasions I can afford what I've fallen in love with. Unfortunately for my purse, in the past month or so, two affordable objects  have caught my eye.

A new gallery, Southwesterly, opened in Dartmouth, one of the towns that I cover in 'my patch' at work. A beautful piece of glass took pride of place in the window which I lusted over each time that I passed by. I was so surprised that it was still there a month later and took this as a sign that maybe I should be its owner.

So 'Splash', a piece of beautiful glasswork by the aptly named Richard Glass now has pride of place in my living room, not I hasten to add in my front garden where this photograph was taken.  It's as if someone has thrown a ball into molten glass.  I'm so pleased that I took the plunge and bought it as it gives me so much pleasure every time I look at it.

And this is my other 'Object of Desire' spotted, a couple of weeks ago, at the Contemporary Craft Fair at Bovey Tracey. It was on the stall of Lizzie Sanders a jeweller and metalsmith who makes lots of pieces where folded metal is cleverly used to good effect.  I hope she will be teaching me next year  on one of her jewellery courses so I'll have gain the confidence and skill to solder consistently (Sadly, yoga got in the way last year!).  This jellyfish was just out of my strict budget for the day but once the pennies are saved again this is on my wishlist for the future. And, if it's not still available  this is advance warning to Lizzie that I'll be commissioning a similar piece!

So I'm suffering a bit of guilt about being extravagant. However, this is tempered by thoughts around how much better it is to spend money that goes to artists and craftsman rather than ending up in the coffers of the big multi-nationals churning out mass produced 'designer' and electrical goods.   And who knows whether one of these purchases might be seen as a wise investment in the future?

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