Monday, 5 July 2010

Out of the Mouths of Babes

Since our last Church of Craft day  where the delectable Naomi taught me how to create a herringbone effect around a bead my skill at wire wrapping has come on leaps and bounds.  I'm rather pleased with this pendant that I made out of silver wire and a miracle bead, bought in a pretty but overpriced shop in the walled Breton city of Concarneau.  The Lovelygrey boys, my harshest critics didn't make too many disparaging comments when I showed them this, always a good sign that my craftmanship is getting better.  Believe me they don't hold back when telling me if they think that something I've made is rubbish!

Not only did Louis like my creation but he came up with a idea for a more advanced project.  'Why don't you make lots of the curly things into a necklace?'  So I took the advice of my seven year old design guru and this necklace, that I've spent my day off completing, is the end result.

Take a look back to my 'Wire Worries' post to see how far my wire wrapping skills, have progressed over the last couple of months.  It may well be that my new round nosed pliers and wire wrapping techniques book have helped my work reach new heights but I reckon the major contributing factor is good old fashioned practice making perfect.

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  1. OMG! It's gorgeous! You really have got the hang of it haven't you ?