Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Recipe-free Frittata

After yesterday's less than salubrious offering I thought I'd write about something wholesome. And what can be more so than good home cooking although I'm begging the virtue spotters amongst you to ignore the cheese.

I like to cook meals where a set recipe isn't needed and ingredient quantities can be determined by eye. Quiche is one example where I can be creative with the contents of the fridge. And many of my different puff pastry tart combos have been well received. Frittata, a fat omelette, is another meal that conducive to the 'throw it together food production' approach. I made one last night to use up food before our next trip in the motorhome later this week.

Chopped garlic and onions went into a pan with diced potato and carrot. After about five minutes I addedd cubes of chorizo, chopped spinach and courgettes. While this was cooking a bit more I combined 5 eggs, salt and pepper and a bit of grated cheddar which I mixed with the vegetables and cooked for another ten minutes.

If you are brave and fancy juggling with liquid egg the frittata can be flipped using a plate to turn it. But there has been too many accidents in the past to induce me to throw caution to the wind anymore.  Now,  my preferred scaredy cat method  involves browning the top of the omelette under the grill with a little extra cheese.  To increase your five a day quota a la the Royle Family, serve, like Louis did, with lashings of tomato ketchup!

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