Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Rise, Shine

In my younger days I worked in the tax departments of big accountancy firms.  Even though I have fond memories of lots of the people that I worked with,  I hated my last four years in the profession.   Maybe the impossibly tight fees quoted to clients or the need to account for every six minutes of my time meant that this was one of the most stressful times of my life ever.

But  though I didn't cope very well, my inner occupational therapist was being nutured even before I knew what the profession involved.  I decided that even though work was miserable I needed to do something meaningful each day.  As I am an early bird  I decided to rise at the crack of dawn and get something down.  This was so successful that I shared this with an equally dissatisfied colleague who before the days of Lockerbie which caused his guns to be taken away started the day by making bullets for his precision crafted pistols.

Although I now have to chivvy along another small being in the morning and hence my time is more scarce I still try to start the day by doing something constructive I leave home at 7:30am.  When  in virtuous mode this will include formal meditation practice but I've been a bit lapse lately.  I've still managed to do something beyond getting myself dressed and nagging Louis to move on from standing around in his underpants and playing with his toys.  Sometimes this might be writing a post for my blog, doing a little bit of a craft project or ticking off something from my 'To Do' list.  The lovely clean and tidy shelves in my study are the result of a few day's early morning productivity.

What I achieve may be small fry compared to my childless days when time was a less rare commodity and I could,, say, go for a run  in training for a half marathons.  But my little achievements kick start the day and act as a catalyst for action in my waking hours.   So, off now to order silver wire for more jewellery projects. 

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