Thursday, 15 July 2010

Shop Stock

Up at the crack of dawn full of  good intentions!  I decided to make substantial inroads into duplicating the swirly whirly necklace that I finished the other day.  After all I have two commissions and cannot let my customers down.

But hang on a minute,  I've come across a thorny problem.  I hadn't recorded the amounts of wire I needed to wrap each bead.  Also I've agreed a price for my necklace which seems fair  but I've no idea whether it covers my material costs and labour time.

So I decided to slow down the manufacturing process.  Instead I've done something less interesting but just as constructive.  I've devised a worksheet so that I can cost my products, record the time it takes to make them and record any tricky parts of their production.  Most, importantly I am prompted to make a note of the type and quantity of raw materials that I need and where I got them from.  Oh, and there's a photograph of the piece that I can work from if I make it again.

All I have to show for my morning's enterprise is one wrapped bead and a piece of paper.  One small step towards a swirly, whirly necklace but maybe a purposeful stride, albeit not a giant leap, towards opening my online shops on Etsy and Folksy

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