Monday, 26 July 2010

The Sniggering Siblings

The holiday is looming and I've still got chores to finish before we sail. But, last night, instead of completing my tax credit form with its 31 July deadline, I was waylaid by a chat with my brother.

We were sitting at our respective computers having a serious connversation.   Paul was talking about a change of direction in his artistic work and an forthcoming introduction to a gallery owner. The conversation strayed onto Beryl Cook and then another Plymouthian artist, Robert Lenkiewicz that Paul was less familar with.

There, in the ex-student category on the site, we found this piece by Joe Stoneman, that has to rank as one of  the funniest and bizzarest painting we'd ever seen. Though three hundred miles apart we simultaneously cried with laughter, yet the picture only raised the merest titter from Mr Lovelygrey.  It reminded me of just how well matched our sibling senses of humour are.

I've puzzled how to label this post but settled on 'Design Source'.  After all someone, somewhere might be inspired to introduce Rod Hull's best friend incongruously into their own work.  See 'Nude and Emu' by the same artist if you need further ideas.


  1. I found the picture unkind, a tabloid, photoshop thing. A bit of a letdown after the many intricate and original pieces you have shown us.

    1. Yes seven years on with a different take on life I see your point. It might not be something I'd post about now. But it'll remain, maybe as a record of how far I've personally come. xx