Friday, 16 July 2010

Thought for the Day: Never Going to Retire?

Both my posts of today and tomorrow celebrate septuagenarians.  Although he carried out an act of incredible stupidity when tombstoning off Durdle Door in Dorset, part of me feels that 75 year old Chris Irven should be heartily applauded.  This act shows that he has not let his youthful spirit die, even though he came jolly close to killing off his physical self.  Here he is being winched to safety onto a rescue helicopter with nothing more to show for his exploits than a bit of wind, sore jubblies and ripped trunks.  And when I 'Googled' him I found out that this man is very busy indeed. For example he self publishes his own books and undertakes long distance cycle rides.

When doing my job, I often meet people who defy the stereotype of old age, going on to do things that might be considered a bit wild at a time of life when they should be getting a weekly purple rinse and knitting blanket squares for England.  Surprising numbers still work and this has been a factor in helping me formulate new ideas what I'm going to do in old age.  Many of my NHS colleagues are planning to retire at 55 but I'm not so sure.  After all work is good for you and I get some satisfaction out of being financially productive.

So I'm beginning to build a portfolio of skills that will enable me to work into old age.  Perhaps, I won't be assessing people's memories or dishing out mobility equipment for ever.  I'm hoping that jewellery making might provide a bit of an income well into the future and maybe one day the writing practice that I get from writing a blog might help me sell some work.  And who knows what other money making schemes that I will come up with which are so enjoyable that I never have to retire.

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