Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Viva La France

I'm getting excited now because the Lovelygrey family are only a day away from crossing the English Channel for their main holiday of 2010. Louis is not so enthused, 'We always go to France' he says. but I'm ignoring him. Kids have it made these days and don't know how lucky they are My first foreign trip was made at the age of 14.  There wasn't always a holiday in the UK either.

Now at various times in our history it has been fashionable for the Brits to desist 'Les Frogs' but I've found them a kind race whose cynical sense of humour is in line with our own. Except for Parisiens, of course, but I think that they cultivate their hautiness to add to the touristic experience.

Anyway I thought I'd jot down a few of the reasons why I love France enough to consider it as a place that I want to spend my retirement.
  •  It has a land area that is about two and a half times that of the UK with a similar population which means that there is more space to spread out. 
  • Many places let motorhomes and camper vans stay for free or at little cost in their 'Aires de Camping Cars'.
  • The French seem to be less risk adverse than the Brits.  I don't think that there would be conker fight bans for this courageous nation. There are still historic monuments, especially WWII sites that involve a bit of peril.
  • Their language is lyrical in spite of words being lengthy.  I once did an exercise with a French-Canadian trying to find English words that were longer than their French counterparts and cane up with very few.
  • There is a pride in their culture and heritage that has been lost in many parts of England.
  • It is a child-friendly country where Louis is always made welcome.  French kids are affable and polite as a result.
  • Lovely food, lovely wine, great beer - need I say more. 
  • Decathlon is a great place to buy inexpensive outdoor equipment
And as a further retirement planning point, France, as ranked by the World Health Organisation, have the best health service in the world.  The United Kingdom ranks 18th.  Need I say more?

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