Sunday, 4 July 2010

We Had Fun

All the Lovelygrey family are tired today so we're chilling! It was the school fete yesterday which doubles as our village's fayre. We've worked hard helping to make it a success.  Mr Lovelygrey's volunteering started after he dropped Louis at the school on Friday morning.  I arrived after work to be told that 'Daddy has broken his arm'.  Further investigation revealed that the situation was not as serious as it sounded but there had been an injury resulting from the consequence of marquee tent pole meeting flesh.   Nothing that self medication from the supplies at the beer tent couldn't sort out.

Above is the picture of the bric-a-brac stall.  It's the second year I've helped out there and it brings out the market trader in me.  The Bastow parents and I were a bit green last year and duped into selling things way below cost. But we were much more savvy this time, identifying donated objects that might have had some value with the help  of Ebay research and advice from an antique dealing parent.  This meant that our Victorian toothbrush holder and assorted porcelain pill boxes fetched reasonable prices.
Although Louis might argue that he helped a lot this is questionable.  Still, he's had a good time with the kids of other  parents who were helping.   As well as scooping up the bargains he bought from my stall, a Ben 10 vehicle,  Scooby Doo pencil holder and a couple of Lego Bionicle figures he spent hours exploring pathways around (and in) the brook adjacent to the field, chased a rat and came home filthy dirty both evenings.  I was mildly alarmed when I hadn't seen him for a couple of hours in the middle of Saturday afternoon but he turned up in the cab of the fire engine, one of the attractions at the Fayre

Days like this give me a warm fuzzy feeling.  Whilst I can't volunteer on a regular basis I enjoy it when I do and hope that giving my time free can be more and more a feature of my life in the future.  And because we had so much fun, I might be able to persuade the rest of the Lovelygrey family to join me.

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