Friday, 20 August 2010

Big Boy Bedroom Makeover

In earlier posts I wrote about my esteemed colleagues but carefully disguised their identities so that even their own mothers wouldn't recognise them.  Sorry guys if this hasn't worked!  They include Mr Metrosexual, my trusted in-house beauty consultant, Snobby Friend and the Consultant of Cool.  Feeling left out, another male team member thought up his own pseudonym.  Henceforth, of his own volition, he shall be known as the 'Master of Love', somewhat disturbing given that he assesses for the presence of delusions.

But fear not, wife of the Master of Love, there is no danger from me although I'd keep an eye out for lecherous old ladies. The pair of us have discovered that we are unresolvably incompatible, for he  favours brightly coloured  interior walls (cobalt blue for goodness sake!)  whereas I am firmly of the opinion that they should be pure white.  Thankfully Mr Lovelygrey shares my preference and agrees that a room should be brightened up by using colourful accessories.  Because as he's a bit tight too he might also be swayed by the fact that white paint is substantially cheaper than its coloured counterparts.

And I'm hoping to win over Louis. So even though I've got rid of the 'jade' walls, I think I'll be forgiven he sees how lots of green stuff has been incorporated into his new piratey themed white walled bedroom.

The cost of the transformation, including paint for walls and furniture,  fabric, wall stickers, mirror and a lovely metal lighthouse wallhanging, was just over £100.  Not bad considering the budget on Changing Rooms used to be £500.  Oh! I've forgotten to mention the flags too around the coving.  I was going to make these myself.  But,  bearing in mind these lovely (green!) Devonian emblems were only £4.99 a string and I used three to garland the room),  I decided life is too short for a full-time working mum to make bunting.

Now all that remains is to clear up the unholy mess in the other upstairs rooms that has been created during a week of decorating activity.  Oh, and Louis needs to name his yacht when he returns home so I'm all prepared with a stock of white felt so we can add lettering to the bed's 'spray dodger'!

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