Monday, 16 August 2010

Blank Canvas

Louis is growing up and has outgrown the cutesy ABC stickers in his bedroom.  His departure to Cornwall with Nana and Grandpa Lovelygrey has presented the ideal opportunity to undertake a 'Changing Rooms' transformation to surprise him on his return home.

After a quick trip out to buy decorating supplies, I spent yesterday listening to Radio 4 and painting.  My hard work has left me covered with snowy flecks and as stiff as a board.  Compelling evidence indeed that gym visits are not necessary to get fit.  Shedloads of hard manual labour will have the same effect.

I also have a clean white blank canvas for me to do with what I will.  It's now onto the interesting part of my interior design project.  By the end of the week I'm looking forward to sharing the results in a future post and with Louis too.  So, no more writing today - I'd better crack on!

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