Sunday, 15 August 2010

The Essex Sandwich

There's no easy way of saying this.  Mr Lovelygrey can be a bit, snobby.  Take for example, the conversations that he has with another of our friends who married a girl from a similar background to my own.  'You can take the girl out of the council house but can't take the council house out of the girl!' The boys sit with holding their glasses of wine.  You can almost spot their pinkies up as they nod in agreement!

What better encouragement is there to do something, wonderfully common.  Now  fur coat and no knickers or even black bra and white blouse isn't my style but, shock horror, I occasionally eat in the street and enjoy passing wind from either end, albeit relatively secretly.  And  making a great big cheese and crisp doorstep whilst on a French holiday in the land of haute gastrononie might be considered a bit plebby.   This particular example is made more abhorent because I used up the nicely chilled cheddar brought from home rather than  making it from a local fromage specially crafted by an affineur and served at room temperature.  And my version of the sandwich made from the French cheesy maize based snacks, croustilles might even be viewed as more down at heel.

But wait! I now recall that this idea is not entirely my own.  Doesn't the chef to the stars, premiers and royalty have a recipe for a beautful looking Double Decker Cheese Sandwich with Crisps in his book Jamie's Dinners?   Fellow Essex boy I salute you!  One day  our hearty peasant dish, which I suggest should be named after our county, might be de rigeur at the tables of the rich and famous

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  1. I am also a fan of crisp sandwiches....but then I also hail from Essex!