Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Final Mama's Makes (for now)

This skirt, a fishtail, has been a favourite of mine, so much so that Mama Lovelygrey has made four versions. Its source is Simplicity pattern 4401 which is featured in their special occasions range. However when made in cotton fabric it has been a very versatile everyday garment.   And my 'thinking outside the box' extended to the choice of material used.  Two of the skirts are made from curtain material bought from IKEA.

1'm running out of things around the home with which to show off the wonderful talent that is Mama Lovelygrey.  But with winter approaching I'm sure I can find some more projects for her to pass the time when her work on the allotment isn't so full on.  I'm hoping to persuade her to modify Simplicity's pattern 2926 so that it has long sleeves thus making it ideal for winter wear.  And there's a pair of curtains that bought for £2.49 in a charity shop which I'm sure will be transformed into a lovely outfit.  I just haven't worked out quite what they're going to be yet!

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