Saturday, 14 August 2010

Litter Picking

I start today with yet another shot taken at our 'secret aire de camping car'.  After three years of travelling in this fashion around France I still can't quite believe that it is possible to stay at such a beautiful place, and others like it, free of charge!

In order to go a little way towards repaying the local residents for their overwhelming act of genorisity in allowing us to use the site I pick up the litter on the beach. Seen as an extension to beachcombing this can be an enjoyable task.

And here's the fruits of my labour from one half hour session on a superficially clean looking beach.  Who knows if I've saved a bird from getting its feet tangled in fishing line or a marine creature from a death by ingested plastic?

This is not the first time I've carried out this activity. I've tidied other aires and the woods near my home and find that the task, although appearing abhorent to some, has noble qualities. And this is one that children can enjoy too. So, on your next walk I encourage you to take out a collecting bag, or even litter pick one on your travels, and do the same. It's not necessary to clear everything that you see, just take a bit of someone else's detritus away. And, assuming that you're not shedding litter as you walk, you too could easily experience that lovely glow that comes from making the world a better place!

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