Monday, 9 August 2010

Merry Christmas!

Deck the halls with boughs of holly! It's never too early to prepare for Christmas as the supermarkets attest.  After all it won't be long until tinsel replaces the half price gardening goodies.

Okay,  I jest a bit.  I hate the commericialism of Christmas and in an ideal world I'd be avoiding the festivities altogether, maybe trekking in a far off land or if I was trying my hardest to get into the spirit of the occasion I might be vying to be the first in the ski lift at an Alpine resort on the 25th.

But wait!  I've brought a little person into the world and for him Christmas represents one of his highlights of the year. The school starts to wind him up at least six weeks before the big day  when nativity play practice seems to become an essential part of the National Curriculum and I am forced to show how creative I can be by rustling up  costumes out of pillowcases.

Now sensibly I've arranged present amnesties amongst most of my friends and family although Mr Lovelygrey and I still exchange gifts, often a pile of books or an 'experience' such as last year's floatation tank session.   But the ideas of just a token gift doesn't bode well with a seven year old. 

So to spread the cost I look for gifts throughout the year in toy sales, charity shops, the school fayre and the book clubs that visit work.  These are my finds so far this year.  But of course, I realise that in the modern world my thrifty buys might not completely cut the mustard and I might have to consider making some purchases from the 'most wanted' list.  To avoid the mad rush (remember Go-go Hamsters last year) here's a link to Hamley's predictions for 2010 if you're tempted to take a chance on predicting the 'must have' toy  and buy early.

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