Saturday, 21 August 2010

Miserable Failure!

Maybe it was the sense of accomplishment at finishing  Louis' room makeover that did it or perhaps it was just a Friday night feeling.  But yesterday on day eleven, my plans to give up alcohol for a forty day Virtual Lent took a tumble.  There is a particularly wonderful Australain Pale Ale in the kegerator and the temptation to guzzle a pint and a bit was just too overwhelming.

The question now is what to do now that this lapse has occured.  I could:  A:  Embark on a cocktail drinking frenzy and give the whole venture up  B:  Wrap myself in sackcloth, beat myself with a cat of nine tails and rub salt into the wounds C:  Accept the 'blip' and carry on having an abstinence free-ish period for forty days.

In the old days I would have resorted to option A and then, as self punishment for being an abject loser would have enforced a mental version of B on myself (actual physical pain isn't my bag!).  But this is no more!  Although the cocktail swilling option is very, very tempting I'm going to get back on track and adopt an acceptance approach.   After all, I'm still hoping to fulfil my aims of getting out of the daily drinking habit and  losing a bit of weight.  Maybe I'll add extra days of absistence on end  in recompense.  This may not appeal at the end of the forty day period so the cocktail option may instead be adopted so that I can celebrate my near success!

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