Friday, 13 August 2010

Pizza pour Vous

Cookbooks that come with food preparation gadgets always seem to have the feel of  a seventies housewife with a hostess trolley about them, all vol au vents and stroganoff.  And the one that comes with our Cadac Safari Chef Barbecue  that I've written about in a previous post, 'Great Outdoor Cooking'  is no exception.  Even though it occasionally uses words such as 'fusion' and 'seared'  the dated photos give it away.  Margot, from 'The Good Life' would be in her element but any trendy noughties gastro cook would throw their hands up in horror.

But it did give me a idea for to try out a previously untried motorhome treat, pizza, previously a no-no due to lack of oven.  The cookbook has its own version of a pizza made  on the barbecue.  This had a base of ready rolled puff pastry but this, frankly looked insipid and uninspiring. But there is another recipe for bread baked on the griddle with the lid on. Surely a dough based version could be worth a try?  So pre-armed with a bag of flour and yeast I gave it a go.

And the result was a perfectly serviceable thin crust meat feast!  It is hard to quantify how I made the dough because there are no scales in the van.  I mixed about 1/4 pint of water with a heaped teaspoon of yeast and then, in the absence of sugar, added honey as a starter.  About fifteen minutes later I added enough flour to form the dough and let it rise whilst we went out for a two hour walk!  The dough was then rolled out with a beer bottle and topped with tomato puree, fresh tomatoes, cheese, basil and a pack of deli meats.

And this success may nudge me towards trying even more madcap barbecue experiments. Are chocolate chip cookies a goer? Wait for my next trip away to see!

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