Sunday, 29 August 2010

Seeing the Light - Hygge!

I'm not being woken anymore by the chirping of our darling garden birdies or the sunlight seeping through the blinds which means that the darker months are rushing in. This is slightly worrying for me as there seems, at least in part to be a seasonally affective part to my depression when it rears its head. Being a self aware kind of gal I'm preparing to batten down the hatches and keep it at bay. So I'm planning a foolproof (ha!) exercise regime and lots of life enhancing activity which, no doubt, I'll share shortly. Last year I equipped myself with a light box that helps too.

An unlikely source has given me another idea of how, not only to survive the winter months but to enjoy them too. The highly enjoyable and informative television programme 'Coast' seems to be wandering off the UK shores and basing some of their programmes in neighbouring lands. This week's edition focused on Denmark and running through the programme was the theme of 'Hygge' (Catch it if you're quick on BBC's i-player).   This is a word that,apparently, is not easily translated into English but encaptures cosiness, wellbeing, comraderie and other fluffy nice things.   What surprised me that a land that has winter months that are darker than our own is viewed as one of the happiest on the planet.

So, the programme gave me a Eureka! moment and yet another plan is being formulated in my busy little head. It involves friends, fires, candles, cushions,  cosy textiles, winter festivals and  luscious food and drink.  This is just the start of my idea.   And if I follow the Danes' example and capture the essence of Hygge it might help sustain me through the winter months!

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