Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Spare Pair of Knickers and a Laptop

The remaining bits of my new autumn/winter wardrobe are wending their way as I write. A girlie book swap also yielded nine new novels. If I keep accumulating 'stuff' at this rate I won't be able to squeeze into my house - an unacceptable state of affairs indeed!

So I set myself a challenge to rid myself of 100 of my own possessions that would have value to others. I would also offload some broken or worthless bin fodder. This assuages my guilt about additionally, yet again, squirreling away another load of Louis' outgrown toys and clothes after his room makeover. The items in the photo represents my finished efforts, minus the binned bits and bobs that will mostly be donated to a local charity shop. It proves the point that one man's junk could potentially be another's treasure.

But here's the rub. I always try to get rid of more stuff than I acquire. So if I keep on going for a few more years I might be left with just the barest of essentials. The title of today's post represents all that I might own in a few years time!

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