Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Sweet Cheap Teatime Treat

By lifting the restriction on only eating pancakes on Shrove Tuesday your kids will love you. Just the faintest suggestion that they might be on the menu causes Louis to bounce with excitement. Or then again he may just need a wee. Pancakes form the basis of a great breakfast, afternoon tea or even can assume the guise of a pudding!

So, put the oven on at 100 degrees Celsius and stick a plate in there to warm it up. For each egg, take 50g plain flour, salt and a quarter pint of milk. I double this amount for a meal for three. Beat together for a few minutes and then add a ladleful of batter to a lightly greased frying pan and slop it around to make a rough circular shape. Toss after a few minutes if you're brave or, if accident prone like myself, carefully turn with a spatula. The little beauty will need less time to cook on the second side. Then put in the oven to keep warm.  The first pancake is always a bit of a disaster.

Okay, this is not the quickest process but it is a multi-tasker's dream. Whilst the pancakes are cooking I do odd jobs around the kitchen such as emptying the dishwasher, putting out rubbish, tidying up spare crisps, chocolate and wine etc.  Oh, and I prepare the toppings.  Five a day fruit if  I'm on a healthy kick, jam, chocolate spread and ice cream if not and a mixture for those in-between days  Please don't forget the lemon and sugar for the purists!

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