Tuesday, 3 August 2010

These aren't a Few of My Favourites Things

Every so often, something or someone causes Lovelygrey's heckles to rise and my normally smooth brow becomes creased into furrows worthy of a champion carthouse. Today,  I thought that I'd share a few of these and perhaps make a start to setting up my own personal Room 101.
  • The ubitiquous central light fittings that cast a grim yellow light over a room. This is   especially disgusting if the bulb is of a low wattage.  Task and atmospheric lighting are the only way to go. I am making a plea to ban the installation of  all ceiling roses!
  • Household appliances that have little badly designed 'pockets' which trap ingrained dirt and  are almost impossible to clean. Look around your kitchen as I did.  I'm sure you'll find many.  Following on from this.......
  • Things that don't show the dirt.  If dirt is there is should seen so that it can be cleaned up, not fester unnoticed for an eternity.
  • Towels that are too small for the job that they're supposed to do.  For me a bath sheet is de-rigeur for an adult.  Anything less is mean and potentially encourages unnecesary exhibitionism.  Talking of towels.....
  • ....here's one that really gets my goat.  Those signs in hotel bathrooms which ask you to re-use your towel to save the planet.  This is b*ll*cks.  All the hotel really want to do  is improve their profit margin by saving on their laundry costs. 
 It seems that I've made a good start to creating a perfect environment for people who displease me.  Now, I could be wrong and John Sessions may be a perfectly nice guy but his public personna reeks of self-satisfaction with his own superior intellect.   So in he goes.  And I think Noel Edmonds might like to join him too!

I've been trying to think of things and people to add to this blog over the last few days.  However, I've discovered that there isn't much that raise my hackles these days.  This could be a sign of my virtious peace loving nature and the current time but might be an indication that brain death is imminent.  If I survive I may well post on this subject again .


  1. At first I couldn't think of anyone else to send to your Room 101. A concept I have enjoyed for along time. Then I thought of Davina McColl, she and Noel would be interesting co presenters! The people I think most deserve to be there are the one's who spit in the street urghh. Sorry I've lowered the tone!

  2. No - she's a sweetie. Will have to think of my own femme fatale to put with Noel. x