Sunday, 8 August 2010

Virtual Lent

When this post gets published I will in France sans laptop.  The magical power given to me by the creators of Blogger of being able to schedule entries at a later date means that this has been written some time in advance.  On 13th July in fact, three days before the Lovelygrey family and a host of other people set off for Chagstock  (I hope this link still works when it has travelled in time!).

I  gave up alcohol for Lent this year.  Okay I lasted until day forty, which happened to be my birthday.  But I mistakenly believed that this was the length of time for this period of abstinence.  Then a quarter of the way through when it seemed like there was still an awfully long way to go, I did the maths and realised that Lent is actually forty six days long.

Being confined to tea and fiery diet ginger beer yielded wonderful results  I lost half a stone in weight, had consistently good sleep and felt, in the words of a fellow Essex bred person, 'Pukka'. However since Easter my alcohol intake's been creeping up again  and I've been meaning to start a second period of 'Virtual Lent' for some time. However, every time I decide to put my resolve to the test, an event comes along that wouldn't be the same without quaffing activity. For example, Mr Lovelygrey has brewed his festival ale for our weekend away and I'm contributing my very swollen bottles of elderflower champagne if we pluck up the courage to transport these home produced explosive devices.

I came up with the canny idea of committing myself in writing to another alcohol-free forty days.  The end of our next French trip, when  my vast and loyal crew of followers will finally read this, seems the perfect opportunity.  I'll have collected some more corks for my bathmat and will have sampled the delights of what the Loire's cellars have to offer us.  Oh, and a bottle or two or Breton cider might have passed my lips on the journey through France from Roscoff.   But from today onwards it'll be non alcoholic beverages only and I promise to confess if I cheat!

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