Friday, 10 September 2010

101 Unusual Uses for Bananas: No:1

Now there's a title that will have the dirty minded among you exercising their imagination but as my regular readers know, the mind of Lovelygrey is as pure as the driven snow. Consequently it will take me some time to find an additional 100 posts on this subject unless I resort to providing recipes which do not deserve the 'unusual label'.

Today's handy hint is genius because it turns an annoying habit that bananas have into a virtue.  Imagine this scenario.  You come home from a shopping trip and are unloading your basket.  Absentmindedly you place your bananas on top of the other fruit in the bowl and ZAP! within twenty seconds the other stuff has turned to mush and the bananas have gone black.  For this reason there are some gadgets for separate banana storage on the market although personally I find that keeping them away from the fruit bowl works too!

But this characteristic of the banana, which I understand is due to its clever ability to produce ethylene gas during the ripening process, may be used advantageously.  Hence I came home to find  that Mr Lovelygrey had placed a banana on top of a bowl of green tomatoes and it was happily sitting there doing its magic.  A speedy web search has revealed that this technique works with other fruit too including those tricky beasties, 'ripe and ready to eat' avocados.

Off now, to rack my brain to come up with another 100 handy hints involving bananas.  This may researching the uses of ethylene gas in the domestic environment or, if  I'm at a loss,  I might have to bite the bullet and resort to those dodgy magazines!

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  1. Here's another use for bananas, well banana skins, Shoe polish! The inside of the skin rubbed on leather is apparently a good substitute for shoe polish. I haven't tried it myself as I neither eat bananas nor polish my shoes!